Valvoline All-Fleet Plus E900 Engine Oil

Valvoline™ All Fleet™ Plus Engine Oil

Valvoline™ All-Fleet Plus™ E900 Engine Oil is formulated to provide optimum performance in modern emission treatment equipped diesel engines operating under a variety of service conditions including engines with particulate filters (DPF) cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). They are blended with premium base stocks and High-quality additive chemistry.

Product Part Numbers

All Fleet Plus 15W-40Bulkvv385074130799882
All Fleet Plus 15W-40Tote85282474130016613
All Fleet Plus 15W-40Drumvv38574130003859
All Fleet Plus 15W-403/1 Gallon77363474130003873
All Fleet Plus 15W-4012/1 QuartVV38874130003880
All Fleet Plus 10W-30BulkVV3820
All Fleet Plus 10W-30Tote85321274130016651
All Fleet Plus 10W-30DrumVV38274130003828