Valvoline Cerulean Grease

Valvoline™ Cerulean Grease

Valvoline™ Cerulean Grease performs effectively in demanding operating conditions, making it an ideal product for inventory consolidation. Cerulean’s very high performance standards are ensured by a hand crafted manufacturing process and a unique additive system that is free of heavy metals. This NLGI GC-LB rated lithium complex grease minimizes wear at applied loads as it maintains balanced EP properties.

Product Part Numbers

Cerulean #1DrumVV7012574130701250
Cerulean #1Tote823662
Cerulean #1KegVV70126
Cerulean #1Pail823265
VAL CERULEAN #2 GRS 10/14.1 OC50/14 CartridgeVV701331074130701342
VAL CERULEAN #2 GRS DR 400 LBDrumVV7012974130701298
VAL CERULEAN #2 GRS KEG 120 LBKegVV7013074130701304
VAL CERULEAN #2 GRS PL 35 LBPailVV7013274130701328