Valvoline Premium Blue 8600 ES Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

1 Gal Container


Valvoline™ Premium Blue™ is “The Only One”™ exclusively endorsed and recommended by Cummins. It’s designed to provide performance and protection in modern, emissions treatment equipped diesel engines, including those with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), and other modern diesel engine technology. Valvoline Premium Blue 8600 ES has a unique 10,000 mile drain extension in Cummins X15 engines enabling up to 60,000 miles when average fuel efficiency is 6.5 mpg or higher.



The Premium Blue™ 8600 ES Advantage:

• Excellent oxidation resistance and TBN retention supports long oil life

• Strong shear stability provides stay-in-grade performance

• Outstanding wear protection

• Superior deposit protection compared to industry requirements

• Tested extensively by Cummins in various engine applications

Product Part Numbers

15W-40 BulkVV705290074130799714
15W-40Drum VV70505074130705050
15W-40 PailVV70506074130705067
15W-40 Gallon773780 074130345225
15W-40 Tote 853216074130016682
15W-402.5 Gallon 881173074130015760