Zerex G-40®

Zerex™ G-40®

ValvolineZEREXG-40® antifreeze coolant is premium automotive engine coolant developed by BASF AG and Valvoline. The patent-pending hybrid carboxylate formulation has an extended service life. It incorporates state-of-the-art organic acid technology in an ethylene glycol base for protection of all cooling system metals including aluminum.


ZEREX G-40 contains no phosphates, imidazol, borates, nitrates, amines or nitrites. ZEREX G-40 is approved by Mercedes-Benz & DDC for trucks. It is approved for the latest VW group requirements for service and factory fill. Valvoline recommends ZEREX G-40 for late model VW (G12++) vehicles. It is dyed pink to distinguish its unique chemistry from traditional green and yellow coolants.

Product Part Numbers

ZX G-40 50/50 BULKBulk 860644
ZX G-40 RTU AFC 1/275 GA TOTETote 86174428882000963
ZX G-40 RTU AFC 6/1 GACase86139974130017511